Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blog Title Runner Ups

Thinking of a name for my blog was the most fun I've had on the computer in a while. So hard to pick just one! I went with "Two Year Itch" because it feels like it's the most accurate description of our life no matter where we are: after about 2 years of doing anything or living anywhere it starts to lose its appeal - jobs, towns, hobbies, favorite recipes, favorite bands...
The only thing that remains a constant is to always have a new adventure on the horizon to look forward to.
It also captures perfectly what our life is about to become as State Department Employee and State Department Widow. Each post at a new embassy will last about 2 years, meaning that just as we start to take the city we're living in for granted, the Feds will send us somewhere new. Awesome? Absolutely. I know it's going to be tough leaving friends, but we already have a long Christmas Card list that's spread all over the world, so nothing new there.
Anyway, if Two Year Itch gets old, maybe I'll change the Blog title to one of these awesome runner ups.

But What Will Your Wife Do?
But What Does Your Wife Think of All This?
Is your Wife OK with All This?
Ship My Couch to Africa: A Foreign Service Life
Expat Like A Boss
Where Are You Going?
Pick a ‘Stan, Any ‘Stan
Long List of Stans
Black Passport
Salt and Mustard
Hardship Post Bingo
Something Worth Doing
Diplomacy By Any Means Necessary
Two on the Road
Hot n’ Dusty
Thumbtacks for the Embassy
Protocol Droid
Expat 2.0
Small World
Chickens Everywhere
But Can I Get A Goat?
Permanent Travel
Coming Home
Good To Go
Exported Expats   
Global Playa
Two Wayward Travelers
Two if by Sea
Time to Settle Down
Time to Mix it Up
Life is a Ride
Leaving on a Jet Plane
A Roof of Nylon
Tradja and Fashionshow’s Big Adventure


  1. I love the blog title and look forward to sharing your journey with you remotely! Go in Love and Luck Jessica & Johnny!

  2. Don't say "State Department Widow". Not funny. :-|

  3. So excited for you both. Sounds like a dream come true for a gypsy girl. Can't wait to follow your adventures!

  4. Abra and Jane, thanks ladies! Looking forward to writing about it all and staying in touch with you guys!
    Johnny - my love, you know I'll never see you once you start this new gig, but I'm okay with that, I'll be hanging out with all the other SD Widows. :)