Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hola! Me llamo Yessica!

Today was day one of Clase de Español.
And I am so ready for this.

I have been waiting all my life for the year when I could eat, breathe and live Spanish and maybe even feel like I was fluent. Here it is! All this summer I am going to study my little gringa butt off and get ready to cement all the studying with 2 years of living in Guatemala.

John gets 6 months of Spanish class, intensive Spanish for Diplomats, where they teach him how to talk about anthrax, nuclear proliferation and economic policy. At the end of 6 months he has to test out at the 2/2 level (indicating professional proficiency). He’s under a good deal of pressure and from what we’ve heard from the other language students, it’s going to be the hardest 6 months of his life. Thank goodness it’s Spanish and not Mandarin!

This may be the only chance in his OMS career that they’ll give him language training at FSI so he’s savoring it, and is extremely grateful to even have the chance to get paid to learn a language.

As the wife of a Diplomat I was told I could get into his same class as long as there were open seats. No go on the open seats, so I got put in the “FastClass” that lasts 8 weeks. The registrar said if a seat opens up in the longer more intensive class I can try to test into it. Until then I’m learning “survival Spanish” as in how to ask for something at the grocery store, how to order something in a restaurant, and lot’s of “Como esta? Muy bien, y usted? Muy bien, gracias!”
So I need to be studying my materials AND the hubby’s homework to try to keep up. But what else am I doing right now? The Smithsonian etc. can wait until the weekend…

So today when we got home from class I made some guacamole (I was totally CRAVING it for some reason), and then we plugged our little headphones into our laptops, and started pronunciation practice. It’s adorable listening to John pronounce Spanish words! He’s sounding more and more autentico by the minute!

Wish us some buena suerte as we rediscover the full-time student lifestyle.

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