Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fun. Times

Epic show on Saturday night.

They all start small and then go big, and Fun. is no different. This indie-pop band started as a small project in the New York area and played a few smaller shows around DC before they hit the big time with a couple radio hits and a Grammy in 2013.

What can I say, I love Fun. You may have heard "We Are Young" "Some Nights" and "Carry On", and you are most likely tired of hearing them on the radio all the time. I got their album Some Nights before it reached overplayed status and I fell fast in love with their music. These guys remind me of Queen with their hard-rocking, musical anthems, I can bounce to the melodies and slow dance to the slower songs, and what can I say, I have shed a few tears while belting out the lyrics in my car on solo road trips. Fun. writes with some heavy messages but manages to end on a positive note and makes my heart sing with happiness. I love Fun.

This 3-person, melody-loving band rocked the Merriweather Post Pavilion on Saturday night with an epic outdoor show. Hubster and I attended and thoroughly enjoyed the outdoor concert scene since it had been a while since our last show.

The opening act was a great new find for me. Tegan and Sara, a Canadian indie-rock duo of twin sisters. Lighthearted lyrics and catchy tunes with amazing, genetically-enhanced harmonies that sometimes only siblings can produce. We lounged on our woobie, munched some overpriced slices of cheese pizza, and soaked up the happy vibe.

And then came the thunderstorms. Crazy lightning-fest-2013 landed right on top of our heads as we waited for Fun. to go on stage. We ran for cover, out of the wide open exposed amphitheater, across the street, and into the parking garage to wait out the electrical storm and the accompanying downpour and microbursts. We could hear Fun.'s first few songs from under our cover where we waited with a hundred or so other storm-dodgers. We stayed alive and dry, and when the storm passed we ran back over to the concert and rocked out for the last hour and a half.

Nobody got struck by lightning that night luckily and apparently it was the biggest show they had ever played with 50,000 soggy happy people who knew all the words to all the songs and sang along with abandon until the 11pm sound curfew shut it down.

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