Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Joys of Street Food

Chowing down on Chopsies' Burrito while I wait for some Chow Mein

The title of this post makes it sound like we got sick off street food, not the case! So far so good - our little tummies have been happy with our choices. We don't eat meat so I think that must help, but man, if it looks good, fresh and it's bien cheap, we'll try it! 

A good Sunday pastime is taking a stroll on Avenida Reforma which they close to traffic for a few hours so the pedestrians, dog-walkers, joggers, bikes and roller skaters can go wild. It also looks like a Kennel Club dog show. Guatemalans love their pure breeds, especially with balls still in tact, and they're all out for a meet and greet on Sunday afternoon. Wish I had pictures, that's one of the most noticeable things, is all the dogs' balls! I can't believe it, no wonder there's a huge problem with street dogs here... 

But enough about the dogs! The food is fun times! There are street vendors walking around with little bags of roasted peanuts, fava beans and cashews. There are little Granitas pushcarts on bicycle wheels, which is like Guatemalan shaved ice (we haven't been brave enough to try that yet as it looks like dirty hands on dirty ice on a rusty old hand-crank grinder with yellow#5 flavoring). There is a Chinese Food Truck, and a Goat Burger Food Truck, and the other Sunday when we were out, we had the BEST pineapple/kiwi smoothie ever. 

Piña Loca! Sans booze

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